Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Live Exhibitions of Petroglyphics Art

Fall seems like a long way off, but I wanted to share news of upcoming exhibitions of my work. These shows will be the first time for a live showing of Petroglyphics Art. Below are some preliminary details, with more to follow this summer.

Gillespie Museum

First up is Stetson University’s Gillespie Museum, located in DeLand, Florida. The Gillespie Museum features one of the premier historic mineral collections in the southeast and seasonally changing exhibits on various earth science and natural history topics.

Penn State New Kensington Art Gallery

The second venue is Penn State University New Kensington’s Art Gallery, where “Stories from the Earth” will be exhibited in October.
Each month, the Penn State New Kensington Art Gallery features the multi-media works of local and regional artists.

I look forward to sharing more detail on these exhibitions once they are finalized.

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