Are These Real Rocks?

And other questions about Petroglyphics Art. 

As I’ve been working to share my work with different organizations and across social media, I’ve been getting some repeat questions and noticed some frequent things I need to clarify about this work. So I decided to explain further with some Q and A. 

Questions about Petroglyphics

Are these real rocks? 

Yes, the foundation of the image you see is a photograph of a rock I have collected or observed, mainly while walking with my dog. 

Are the rocks painted? 

No, I don’t paint rocks. Instead, I digitally lighten or darken images and patterns in the photographed image. I often see these images in the rock before photographing them. This lightening and darkening process allows me to enhance and share the rock’s natural features. 

Where do you get the rocks? 

Most of the rocks I photograph are ones I’ve collected while walking. Or, if the stone or boulder is too large to carry home, and I find it interesting, I photograph it on the spot and then work with it when I get back to my studio. Occasionally, I’ve worked with a rock someone else has found or collected.  

Before and After

It is helpful to show before and after photos to illustrate this process. Below are before and after pictures of Elephant Dance. 



These are some of the frequent questions that I get about my work. I hope that you found it helpful. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out here. 

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