Petroglyphics Art

Stories from the Earth

Stories from the Earth

Boulders, stepping stones and pebbles give way to magical images of animals and the otherwordly in a new series of digital art by artist Carolyn Haas.

Welcome to Petroglyphics Art by Carolyn Haas.

Artist Carolyn Haas’ creations might look like illustrations of dogs and rabbits and mystical images. Instead, they are natural formations on rocks, enhanced by the artist with digital photography.

Why the name Petroglyphics?

Similar to rock carvings known as petroglyphs, where images are made by pecking directly on a surface using a chisel and hammerstone, Haas uses a digital process in Photoshop to create these pieces. She does not add anything to the rocks to generate the images. Instead, she reveals them by enhancing their natural formations through her digital technique. The art has been there all along. 

Although there is no carving or rubbing with an actual hand tool, the digital tools are, in a sense, doing precisely that. Chiseling layers away while following the patterns naturally in the rock brings forth the art in the rock. These images of faces, figures, patterns, and more have always been there, waiting for discovery.

For information on exhibiting this collection, contact Carolyn.

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